Last time we talked I was about to leave for college and now I write back to you, a month into college! It’s been sooooooo crazy and so not what I expected!  I play volleyball and got a concussion on day 3 of being here.  If you don’t know concussions, lemme tell ya, I could write the bible on them.  Its having a major headache 24/7, feeling nauseous every time you eat or something smells, being sensitive to light and noise, being forgetful, feeling tired, slow, confused…. and you’re not allowed to use the computer/phone, let alone work out.  So its very easy to feel isolated.  Everyone continues with their life and you’re resting all the time in your room with the lights off.  All of this on top of moving across the country and adjusting to college. Doing laundry would be the highlight of my day because I would get out of the dorm and get to see new people. Hahahahahah. It’s hard because on the outside, you look pretty normal, but on the inside its madness and you don’t feel like yourself. I’ve felt like a bat locked in a cave for the past month. I’ve already missed 2 weeks of school so I have aloooooot of catch up to do. But I’m pretty good with that stuff. It’s hard watching everyone go out, have fun, make new friends and even go to class when you’re stuck in your shitty dorm bed with a headache.  But I’m slowly getting back into things and am SOOOO happy because I was going stir crazy!  I feel like I’ve made it!  I could honestly write a book. Hahahahah. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!  This first month was totally not what I expected but I got a lot left to make amazing and its coming soon, I feel IT! 🙂

So these pictures, throwing it back to when I arrived at the airport… Before the madness.  REALLY.  (read below too) TO fill you in, I packed a ton of stuff.  Don’t let these two suitcases fool you.  Theres lots of boxes.  But the shoes!!! The shoes!!!! Two 50 pound suitcases worth of shoes. THATS 100 POUNDS.

When you arrive at the new city you’re gonna be living in!  You’re on a high.  YOU’RE IN BOSTON!  And theres hellllla good GEOTAGS. 

Now you get to go get the rental car!  Yay you don’t have to double fist the 50 pound suitcases anymore.   May I mention you’re a tiny bit sweaty.  But no big deal, you’re excited. 

The damn rental car place is halfway across Logan airport and yes, you, get to lug your two 50 pound suitcases filled with every pair of boots you own through the airport.  Wtf.  Along with your 25 lb purse and your 30 lb carryon.  Smile is gone. You’re huffing and puffing. Hungry.  REALLY sweaty.  Your forehead is shiny.  Your arms hate you.  You’re feeling BLISTERS forming. You don’t fit on the escalator. You’ve almost dropped the handle a few times and you hate the cobble stone ground.  Maybe taken out a few people. You’re also wondering what the hell is wrong with you. 
The story ends when you get to lug the same two suitcases up 4 flights of stairs to get to the dorm. 


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