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Today marks my second day day of classes.  Weren’t too long, weren’t too bad but I’ve lived through it to tell you so HERE WE GO.

First off I have a graphic design class, when I enrolled in it I thought it would be totally helpful for me since I know nothing about graphic design and I have a blog! It got one of my core classes I needed out of the way so it was totally a two birds one stone situation, if ya feel me. I get ready this morning, my pony tail is particularly on fleek, I’m ready to seize my day, particularly my first graphic design class.  So before I’ve even done anything sorta graphic designish, I had a class in the library to learn about getting accurate research for a project I have coming up in the class.. So class is over, were leaving the library and walking out the door…. well everyone walks out the door and who walks into the door?  Me!  I totally thought it was automatic, soooooooo not automatic.  Hello new classmates!!! The girl who hasn’t been to class for the first 2 weeks, randomly shows up one day, just walked into the door.  :))))))  But totally be my friend!   “Whoooooaaaa” was the reaction from the boy I got walking in front of me.  Thanks for holding the door open, asshole.

So back to that on fleek ponytail… so when I had woken up this morning, my roommates were sleeping so I got ready with the light off.  I had day 2 hair that I had planned to wear up but wanted to spray some dry shampoo in it to give it a little ooomph.  So I finish getting ready, go to the library to print out some papers, go to the dining hall to eat breakfast, go to my 2 hour graphic design class, WALK INTO THE DOOR, get back to my dorm, go use the restroom, look in the mirror as I’m washing my hands and who has a huge white patch of hair on the top of her head?  And I mean huge like a bagel…. The same girl that used dry shampoo in the morning, in a room with the lights off and apparently didn’t rub it in all the way. The same girl that walked into a door 20 minutes before.   MEEEEEEEEE. So day 2 back in class was a home run.

Now I’m gonna go fight someone for a washing machine.  Hahah. GOOD DAY! :)))))


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