Wine n Dine

It’s no secret I loveeeee food.  Making it, eating it… I’m a fan either way.  I recently discovered the Wine n Dine app! It’s like instagram for food/wine. I love it because personally, I love food pictures on instagram.  Though I keep mine to a minimum (to avoid being a total fatty) this app fully supports all your food pictures and welcomes them! It also allows you to like pictures and add them to a list of foods you wanna try. Super helpful when trying to pick a restaurant with friends/family.  Is that not the hardest thing in the world?! I read in an article a little while ago that said Gigi Hadid loves the app.  Now I totally see why.  Follow me @reeceyberry!
PS try the banana cupcake at Sprinkles. (the one with the blue and yellow circle) It’s to die for. Just make sure you go on the right day!



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