Tsk Tsk Tsk.. shoes I want.

So I leave for school in 6 days!!!!! Holy moly was summer a blink.  And with that comes the crappy task of cleaning my room, closets, and everything else under the sun.  I do a little bit everyday so it’s not totally horrendous (yes.)  I started packing up my shoes today and holy guacamole (yum) I have a ton of them!  I’m worried about how they’re all gonna fit, short from sleeping with them in the bed, I just don’t knooowwwww.  Obviously I’m a shoe girl.  As I sit here and talk about more that I want…. eeekkkkkkkkk.  
These are a Swedish brand called Eytys.  I’m really liking sneakers with a platform because I’m not that tall (5’5 ish) and they do wonders!  I’d love them in all white but they’re canvas and those get dirty so fast.  For what they’re worth, they’re sorta pricey starting at $160.  Steven Madden has a dupe that look spot on for $70.  I may or may not bite the bullet because I looovvveee these. 

I’m such a fan of tall boots that I don’t really pay attention to other styles.  I can’t get moto boots off my mind and I love these Valentinos!  They’re perfect for skinny jeans and a tee and that makes life SO EASY. 

I like high tops to wear with joggers and these Vans just make sense. 


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