Dorm Inspo

One of the things I’m most excited about is decorating my dorm! My room at home is an explosion of girly pink and soooo thats not my thing anymore.   Color wise for the dorm, I wanna stick with grey!  And accent colors, maybe some orange or yellow and throwing some glitter shit into the mix.  I’m over stuff thats girly and pink but I love sparkle….. I always will, it makes me happy.  Just nothing totally preppy or all pink.  Tame, thats it I’m looking for tame! I’d love to make everything white but lord knows it’s gonna get dirty because I can’t wear a white shirt without getting dirty.  And having to wash it all the time… again lord knows thats not the way it’s gonna be.  I’m looking for cool stuff to hang on the walls.  I think thats what makes a dorm cool.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 
Liking the Hawaiian vibe a lootttttttttt. 

I said no pink but I love that duvet!!!! I can do this, it’s tame. 

Ok were moving more away from tame but I like the colors. It works well!  And the mcdonalds cups on the bed side table wink wink. 😉 I’m a fan.

This one is white and beachy and I’d get you dirty in 2.2 seconds. The wall is cool but no birds, I don’t like birds. 

Tame and grey. 
all images from pinterest. 


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