Princess Shoes

Seems like all I talk about on here anymore is shoes… So a couple weeks ago whilst browsing around Nordstrom Rack, I spotted these beauties in the 7.5 section.  I looked both ways like I was crossing the street (or looking for someone else to come and grab this amazing find before me, whatever works) and swooped them up.  When I first saw them my first thought was “wow those are amazing fakes.”  I was sure Nordstrom Rack wouldn’t be selling a current, classic, “it” shoe that are sold at Nordstrom and happily paid full price for.. especially in a 7.5!   Maybe in a size 5.5 or maybe a 10, but not a 7.5.  Well, boy was I wrong when I picked these up and they were indeed Manolo Blahnik and a size 7.5.  I was shocked and I was on a shoe porn high!!! These $965 Manolo beauts were on sale for $249! I HAD HIT THE LOTTERY.  I tried them on, weren’t horribly uncomfortable, carried them around..walked around with them… tried them on again.  I was on a shoe high and they were coming home with me!!!! Sadly, I came off my shoe high, (per my Mom) who said I don’t need them.   (be clear I don’t listen to that.) I then got the talk about bringing my shoes to college with me and not having enough room… and then the realization that I was never going to wear these in college…. Then the rip in the satin on the side… then the fact that my feet were squished and realizing that I should probably wear an 8 in Manolos.  SO the shoes stayed there and I really hope they went home with a deserving girl!! They’re beautiful!!!!!!!  So point is, browse Nordstrom rack.  You never know what you’ll find in your size! 
PS.  I did go home with the running shoes at the bottom.  Not the black ones but the pink and blue ones under it.  They’re Saucony and the best running shoes I’ve ever had!!  I own two pairs and I run in them all the time and feel no pain!!!! I always had trouble with running shoes because I had never found a pair that didn’t hurt my feet.  Nikes, Mizunos, Asics never worked but these are a dream and they make running not so heinous.  That is a dream. 


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