Shoe Diaries

I was already smitten with this Valentino kitten heel and it’s so much better in sparkle.  I’m thinking Cinderella sorta vibes?  They’re really girly and my style isn’t girly at all but I’d love these with ripped boyfriend jeans and a grey sweater.  Gotta toughen em up. They’re dreamy and worth all the crap you’ll get for wearing sparkly shoes.  “Wow look at those!”  “Click your heels together!”  Just keep WALKING. 

These babies are MINE.  (side note: how the hell am I gonna bring all my shoes with me when I go to college?!…”You’re not” or so I’ve been told.  picture a thousand wide eyed emojis)  I’m over the Nike roshe runs now because they have become so mainstream and everyone has them.   These are Nike Huaraches.  AKA, literally the most comfy Nikes I’ve ever owned.  I want them in another color. muahahahah.  Only downside is these run small.  I wear a 7.5 in all my other nikes.  These are a 8.5. 
The Yeezy boosts.  I know these are harder to find then a dermatologist in the sun. Yeeeeeeeppp.   I saw 2 different people wearing these and I loooovvveeeee themmmmm. They look awesome in person.  Not to mention comfy and easy to wear with a bunch of different things.  
Lord knows how much I love tall boots, especially these Gianvito Rossi.  (if you’ve gotten this far, you’ll know I love every shoe and need to search for better adjectives) These are beauties.  I want to wear them with a tee shirts and jean shorts and act like I don’t care about anything. 


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