LA Eat

Donuts are a trendy food right now.  Whether it’s because they’re darn photogenic or yummy is beside me.  (Both perhaps?) My favorite place to get donuts is DKs Donuts in Santa Monica. They have a billon different types of donuts and cronuts. My favorites are the frosted with oreos and the blueberry glazed cake donuts.  (I’m talking to you two in the left row towards the back.)  They’re soo delicious and so fresh!  My friend and I would go get DKs before school on Fridays and sit in the car and eat them since it was only 5 minutes away from my school.  And while long gone are those days, I still love those donuts.  They sell smoothies, coffee and sandwiches and they’re 24 hours, too. TO ensure that you can always indulge in your junky cravings.  OOHH! They have their own SNAPCHAT geotag!  Which translates to totally just being on top of your shit.  That gets me very excited, as I’m always on the hunt for new geotags.  They’re cash only so make sure you come prepared! 

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