A dupe!

The Rebecca Minkoff Love bag is an obvious take off of a Chanel boy bag. Between the quilting, the sizes, (both come in a small, medium and large size), the chain strap, the hardware… it’s clearly blatant where inspiration was taken cue from.  The difference is the price, of course.  The Chanel boy bag starts around $3.5k for a small.. while the jumbo Rebecca Minkoff love bag is $355.  Which will maybe cover the tax on a boy bag.  Chanel bags are a huge investment and the Rebecca Minkoff is a good choice if you’re not in the market to get a $4k bag…and I totally feel ya.  If you are, all power too ya.  I happen to like this one, especially with the different textures.  The jumbo is great too. If we’re talking Chanel, this one is just downright dreamy. 
Shop Boy Bags here // Shop Love bag here 
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