Whose Who of Instagram Pt. II

@SpoonForkBacon Is the instagram for the food blog Spoonforkbacon.com coincidently! Ha.  I love to cook and bake and they just make the coolest food with twists that you wouldn’t necessarily think of.  And they take the most beautiful pictures and it’s hard to photograph food.  They have these amazing looking brown butter ice cream sandwiches on their blog/instagram now.  Droooooooling. 
Ahh @Textsfromyourex This is the hands down, the funniest instgram I follow.  People send in texts that they’ve gotten from their Exs and they post them.  So you can imagine how hysterical and ridiculous they are.  My favorite is the guy who asked his ex if she wanted to come over and clean his house while they talk. 
@Chrissyteigen !!!!!!!!!!! I love her!!!!!!! She’s hysterical.  She has a french bulldog and I want french bulldogs!  She loves food just as much as I do.  She cooks. She cusses.  She likes wearing tall boots and her hair in buns.   SHES JUST LIKE ME .
@Dylanlex Jewelry designer!  With killer outfit pictures.  If you’re only gonna do black and white, do it like her, its insanely good.  She makes the really awesome, played up, edgy statement necklaces.   

@GeriHirsch from Becauseimaddicted.net.  Follow for good hair inspo, and buns :)… does that make me sound gross? Topknots?  Good Nail polish colors. Great personal style pics. 
@Hrhcollection makes vlogs and has a jewelry line.  She’s a really good shopper so I love to see what she’s getting.  And she has a great handbag collection, particularly Chanel!  She too has great personal style, always with great shoes and bags. 
@Elleferguson and @Tashsefton These are the ladies behind the blog Theyallhateus.com .  They’re Australian so they have great tans and perfect beach hair.  They have great personal style, especially with denim and I looovvveee denim.  They have great accessories too.  Good shoes, good bags.  They rock jeans, a tee and nude Louboutins and I love outfits like that! 
So there’s my instagram it list!  Enjoy.  Obviously I have a trend in people I follow.  Shopping, clothes, shoes, food, topknots! 


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