Listing I

Attempting: I love wearing my hair up. Especially during the summer.  Mostly buns but how cool is this crown braid!  Always looking for new options, time to master the french braid that goes around my big head, eeeekkkk. 
Loving:  These Birkenstocks. Funny story, my mom got Birkenstocks like 4 years ago as a gift and I thought they were the ugliest thing ever.  I gave her so much crap for them so you can imagine how it is now after I went out and actually bought a pair. I refuse to care though because they make my feet SO happy.  And they’re SPARKLY, without being gaudy.   It’s mad love going on right now. 
Wearing:  This Kale tee shirt! Again, like the Birkenstocks, when I first came into contact with kale I wasn’t a fan.  Only after eating it a few times did I actually begin to really like it.  Especially in salads.  I’m looking for cool t-shirts and sweatshirts to start gathering up for college and this one fits the bill perfectly!  I wanted the sweatshirt after watching Beyonce’s 7/11 video ten thousand times.. and while I still don’t know the dance and still don’t own the kale sweatshirt, I HAVE THE TEE SHIRT. 
Lusting:  Oh boy, this red Alexander Wang backpack.  I love bags that allow me to have both hands free and the backpack trend is so huge right now I’ve been wanting to jump on it for a while.  This one is AHH-MAZING.   The color is great, and I will say when the backpack first came out and was only in black, I wasn’t a fan…. but the red…gahhh, I want you, I want you.  The size is fantastic and notice the little metal corners?  I love bags that don’t flop over when you put them down.  This again is mad love. 
Craving:  Never ever not craving chocolate chip cookies.  Especially hot ones. UGGHH. I write this with my gym clothes on ready to go do something that isn’t anything close to eating cookies. 


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