Girl In White

This dress reminds me of the Rag & Bone v-neck sweater that floated around about a year ago.  I was obsessed with it at the time, so I’d like to call it fate that I found my way back to it’s twin.  I graduated high school last week and was dealt with the challenge of finding 3 white ensembles to wear to my various graduation ceremonies.  Along with white shoes… white tights — which are horrible, itchy and made me feel old!!!  I ripped them within 5 minutes of use. Who comes up with this kind of stuff?!  WHITE GLOVES.  I can’t make this stuff up, guys.   This dress is a sweater I found at Banana Republic in a size XL.    These shoes that resemble ice bergs were a lucky Jil Sanders find on good ol’ Yoox.  Last pair in my size, again fate.  If it weren’t for these shoes, I think I would have worn white Birkenstocks with tights.  That scares even me!   I’ll spare you the picture with the tights and the gloves!! Quick quick, class of 15, hide all your visible skin, then you can proceed.  IT’S MADNESS OUT HERE!  

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