Welcome back to my life. It’s been a while friends!  Since we’ve last spoken, I’ve committed to a college — to play NCAA volleyball on the east coast.  Gone to prom!   I’ve graduated high school!  Pulled my first all nighter — (not my thing, who would’ve known it makes people bitchy to be up all night?) Replaced my broken Macbook! And while I’m still trying to figure my life out, here’s a picture of me at prom!!! This dress has pockets. (!!!!)  I want everything I own to have pockets.  I’m wearing these blue Stuart Weitzman Nudist under this Adrianna Papell dress, the blues matched perfectly! It’s actually the first strapless anything I’ve ever worn believe it or not.  My friend stepped on the back of the dress and my hands rushed to cover the top half that would have flashed everyone. AKA BOOBS.  I have a great understanding of this strapless struggle.


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