Crown Jewels

I’m not going to Coachella this year, and it makes me depressed when I think about it! ūüôĀ ¬†The line-up isn’t great to say the least which is why I decided to opt out this year, but the more I think about it, the more I find myself dreaming of outfits I would wear if I were going to Coachella! ¬† This is typical Reece, always dreaming of outfits with no place to wear them, its about as helpful as the yellow jeweled tubetop I bought [ and have yet to wear, thankfully] a few summers ago, but I think I’m going somewhere with this new idea of mine. ¬†Floral crowns, fringe, cut-offs are all quintessential Coachella brain food. As you read around about it, it’s noted that people are sick of the floral crowns, dressing only for a festival, — talking to you fringe, the vibrant face makeup; the things that drift from people’s day to day style. ¬†Essentially, Coachella fashion should reflect what you wear in your day to day life. ¬†Not something obscure and temporary just for the sake of it. ¬†Now if dressing that way makes you happy, go for it and more power too you. ¬†But conformity in the age of crazy is craziness in its very own way.

¬†Fashion is like a game. ¬†It’s always moving, always changing and to be good at that game, you need to pick out what is gonna be hot next. ¬†You always need to be a few steps ahead. ¬†While trends are ephemeral, they do come and go. ¬†The revival of Flares after the resurgence of culottes speaks at this relativity. ¬†So if floral crowns are annoying now, whats next? ¬†Floral, bejeweled headbands, of course!!!!! I spotted one at BCBG while I was prom dress shopping which is actually dreadful, but I tried it on and I fell in love with it! ¬†I’m not sure if it’s because I get attracted to shiny objects like a bird or because Blair Waldorf makes me want to bring headbands back but holy moly. ¬†I left it on the whole time while I was in the store and I can’t stop thinking about it! If I were going to Coachella I would wear it, with sneakers and messy hair which yields a perfect representation of my own personal style. This headband though, I think I need to own it to wear to prom, weekends, the grocery store and everything in between because heart eyes. ¬†It hasn’t been done in a while and I’d like to bring it back. ¬†I mean, look at it!!!!! ¬†Check BCBG for some stellar ones. Anthropologie is right there too.

I’ve just rambled on about why I need to own an $88 princess headband. ¬†My tomboy style has a secret penchant for sparkly, girly things. ¬† My nochella April would be much bettttter with this sucker dented into my head!!!!!!¬†

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