Broccoli Pasta Salad

If you live in LA, you’ll know how freakin’ good California Chicken Cafe is.  Ugh.  Best Chinese Chicken salad, ever.  I look forward to that salad.  They have a Broccoli pasta salad there, too.  I never wanted to try it because I didn’t think it would be good quite honestly, until one day when someone I was with couldn’t stop raving about how good it was and how much they love it.  Well, I had a bite and now I LOVE IT.  I may even look forward to it more then the salad.  And hey, if theres salad in the name, then it’s healthy! 
1 box of pasta,  don’t use orecchiette like I did.  It may look nice in a photograph but they’re borderline incestuous pasta!  I had to go through a break apart all the stacks of them that were stuck together.  I may have ate a few while I was at it.  Boy, the struggle. 
1 stock of broccoli
1 cup of Italian dressing/marinade
1 cup of ranch dressing 
Salt  and pepper to taste. 
Start off by boiling water to cook the pasta in.  Follow the instructions on the box to cook the pasta accordingly. 
While you cook the pasta, you should cook the broccoli.  I just put it in a microwave safe tupperware with a lid with water.  And set it on power boil for a minute.  You just want to make the broccoli a little softer. 
After you have cooked the pasta, drain it and let it cool for a bit.  
Once its cooled, you can place the broccoli into a large bowl with the pasta.  Then add a cup of ranch and a cup of italian dressing.  Use a wooden spoon to mix and add in your salt and pepper. Once you taste it, you can decide if you want to add more dressing or salt/pepper depending on your preference.  I like ranch heavy with lots of black pepper!  
Enjoy your salad! ;]

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