Hair ye Hair ye

I’m a new netflixer and part of the reason I got it was because I wanted to watch Gossip Girl!  A bunch of my friends have told me I need to watch the show because it’s so me.. Well I’ve binged watched half a season so far and I’m obsessed.  I’ve followed hella Gossip Girl accounts both on Pinterest and on Instagram.  Let this hair serve as an example of my obsession.  Serena Van der Woodsen is my spirit animal!!! {Or maybe I’m just really obsessed with the show like I am whenever I start something new. ahem overalls.} She has such a great sense of style and she’s far less bitchy then Blair Waldorf.  I like her though, too. [ Maybe a little inspired… ]  If you’re on the fence about cutting your hair like me, watch an episode of Gossip Girl.  Seeing Serena’s hair is like contraception. Honestly. I now never want to cut my hair because her’s is perfect every single second of the show.  I’m partial to her messy ponytails and voluminous half-up hair.  I wear my hair in the pony tail and half up style at least 4 times a week.   I’m still perfecting the volume backcombing bump, let’s face it, the one pictured is a little flat. :/ Nothing that a few youtube videos can’t fix. But when you nail it, it’s so messy chic and soooo good.  I have to remind myself that she has people doing her hair to make it perfect every time.  I lack in that department. 
 This hair is perfect for day 3 hair, like mine in this pic.  {I’m SO proud of myself for going 3 days, lemme tell ya.}  But you just back comb the crown, Pull up into a pony, leave out a few front pieces and then use a chunk of hair to wrap around the hair band. et Volia.  continue on your day as Serena Van der Woodsen.  Enjoy upper eastsiders. xoxo Gossip Girl 


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