Me Again

Prada bag / James Perse Tee / Mango Shorts 
Me again!   So everyone needs to own a green purse.  Green is a neutral, look around it’s everywhere – grass, trees…etc!  When I was looking for a purse, I knew I wanted a color because I wear black/white/grey/denim mostly, {the evidence pictured above.}  Black purses make me sad, except when it’s a Chanel 2.55. I also knew I wanted a classic handbag.  What gets more classic then a Prada tote?!  Suffice it to say I picked the perfect bag, I love it and I love the color!  I think my staged, ‘drop everything and look at my purse’ picture sorta says something along the lines of that? Lemme tell ya, it feels really good to walk around the mall with a big Prada shopping bag on your shoulder – it’s borderline euphoric.  I always get curious when I see people walking around the mall with a big Saks or Chanel or whatever shopping bag.  My friend just tells me I’m just nosey. But point aside I got to be that girl!! Maybe I’m just a jerk but I got my moment to shine. ;]

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