What’s Good?

HELLLOOOOO!  I’m back from my Caribbean vacation, tan legs and all!  JK, I have this weird ombre tanline going on on my legs to prove it, too. I was in Denver last weekend, which is both cold and amazing at the same time…and totally opposite from the Caribbean. I was in San Diego this weekend. AKA playing lots of volleyball. I dyed my hair last week, I’m borderline blonde again! I shattered my iphone {6+} you can’t win them all. And I never have a chance to cook anymore.  But, I’m reading good books.  I got a Prada bag!! Suffice it to say, LOTS IS GOOOOOD!  So, that’s whats new with the blogberry.  I’ve sorta been MIA for the past couple weeks so hopefully that somewhat explains it all because it’s been alot.  On top of it all, I sit there and think I have 2 1/2 months of high school left!  It’s madness and I’ve been going 200 mph but it’s nice to sit back and sort of enjoy everything for what it’s worth.  I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you soon!

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