It’s fashion month and I’m vicariously living through instagram {it’s bad, I check it during class.}  But, I have style.com to make me feel like I’m there but a little less frozen.  I think thats a win, win!  I’ve dissected through most of the shows to find my favorite pieces.  What I can say is the 7Os are back in full swing. Layering is becoming as household term.  Sexy tomboy is always good. 
Misha  Nonoo
I blame my penchant for uniform looking clothing to my many years that I will never get back in Catholic school.  It’s chic. 

These shoes are my favorite thing out of the entirety of NYFW. NUDE FLATFORMS!!! Lemme suffice it to say, I NEED THOSE SHOES. Oh, and for all you culotte loving humans , they’re not going anywhere and they’re fuzzy! 

I love strapless tops, I think they look even better paired with tees / turtlenecks under. 

Again with the pinafore, the layering, the turtleneck.  Smells like something Reece would like. 

Boots and thigh high slits. 

Ruffles and chunky knits AND boots !!!

Turtlenecks, boots, thigh slits.  I’m sounding redundant. 

Victoria Beckham
Ok, lemme just say how much I love Victoria Beckham’s line.  I think she does a really good job and she is so very chic.  Great classics with a twist.  This black dress is the perfect for the fashion girl going on the date with the not so fashion guy.  Waist, chest, arms for him. Layering, draping and buttons for you. 

Victoria Beckham
This coat is an outfit all by itself! Easy peasy win. 

Victoria Beckham
Cream with camel for the win.  This turtle neck with skinny jeans and a high heel.  

Dion  Lee
TEXTURE!  I love the deep V with the plain collarbone.  It’s sexy tomboy. 

Dion Lee
Again with my deep V.  Consistency people. 

Jill Stuart
I love a little black dress.  I’ll go to say I collect them.  They’re good for everything!  This one with the sleeves and ruffles is stellar.  I’m now a firm believer in putting a belt on everything. 

Dion Lee
My love for strapless attire. The length is awesome with the side slits. I appreciate it’s juxtaposition. 

Jill Stuart
The shirtdress is alive and well!!1 I love a shirt dress, so simple, so good, and easily paired with anything.  This one is a pumped up version. I think I’d like it over jeans too. 

Rebecca Taylor
Statement coat + thigh high boots. 

Rebecca Taylor
This is the Canadian suit’s crazy, albeit awesome aunt from the 7Os.  FLARE!

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