This Week

I’ve been obsessed with these since I found out about them towards the end of January on Twitter.  I finally found them and THEY’RE SO GOOD.  Gosh, the package is smaller then regular oreos and there might be none left so I need to go to the store and STOCK UP. 

My girly manicure on my short, fat, sausage fingers. Pink & Glitter halfmoons since one of my new years resolution was to not get navy blue nails every time I go.  If you were wondering what a $50 manicure looks like, here ya go. 

Braids: my new favorite thing to do on days when I don’t want to do my hair, (i.e me everyday. not gonna be in high school for much longer so I might as well get away with it while I can ;))  This one is a dutch side braid.  I’ll pull it to the side more once my hair is long enough.  I’m loving having long hair again. 

I’ve wanted these for forever.  (AKA since November, that’s a long time in Reece world.)  


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