V-DAY Guide

Me and my ripe 18 years of age has decided to write a Valentine’s Day guide!   Because, ya know, I have all the answers and loads of experience, right?  But I do!  Everything from the gifting, what to wear, especially what to wear for GALENTINE’S day!  Really, super good in that department.   Whether your opinion of Valentine’s day is just a cheesy Hallmark holiday, a excuse for flowers and chocolate, a day to go out with girlfriends (everyday should be that) or an excuse to get close with BAE. I think it’s fun!  Everything is in pinks and reds, mushy and romantic and it’s kinda gross and awesome all at the same time. Like Tevas and high waisted Levis. 

Gifts for your bae….Gifts with LOTS OF LOVE for bae….Gifts for bae-less friends, too. 
I will be asserting my V-Day independence via overalls and clogs (Maybe, I need to join FarmersOnly) as I sit in a movie theater with my head in a bucket of popcorn, watching my favorite book turned movie with my best friend.  

If I did have a date on V-Day, that dress on the right, those shoes on the right.  It’s so girly and feminine, so unlike me but that’s what would be happening.  It’s always good to dream about outfits for scenarios that are never going to happen.  

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