I lie in bed as I write this to you, sick as a dog, thinking about how much my life is going to change this year.  In 7 months I will be going away to college. I say going away because I plan to leave California.  Questions regarding college are very relevant to my life right now as a high school senior.  It seems like it’s everyones favorite question to ask.  “Where are you going to college?”  I don’t know where I want to go yet, (I can barely decide what to wear in the morning) let alone where I am going.  But one thing I do know is that I want to leave California.  I’m not writing this to justify my decisions but more to explain my side of things. I want to leave California and thats very alarming to some people.

“But California is the best place to go to school, its stupid to leave.”  
“You want to go to the east coast? Oh, you’re going to freeze, you’ll hate it, you’ll be back here after one semester.”  
“WHAT?! You’re leaving, your mom is letting you go?!” 
“Oh, you’ll be back to California in no time, you’ll hate it there.” 
“You want to leave all your family and friends?”  
“Whats the matter with you?!”
“Oh, your poor mother, won’t you miss her?” 

I like change.  I like experiencing new things, too. I want to experience new things.  I’ve lived in Los Angeles all my life.  Yes, I know how great it is and how awesome the weather is.  But I’ve never been to school outside of California, so how do I know I won’t like it better?  I don’t, hence why I’ve decided to TRY NOW! I for the first time, want to experience seasons! The cold, yes, I will probably be cold.  But they make jackets and boots to make it more bearable.  I’ve always liked boots over bikinis, sweaters over tanks.  So now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is.  For someone Canadian and who doesn’t like to shave her legs (!!!) the cold is welcomed with open arms.   My family and friends; of course I will miss them.  Who moves away and doesn’t?  My wanting to leave California for college is not a stab at my parents.   I’ve talked to them and they’re okay with me leaving, they want that experience for me.  Of course they will miss me, and I will miss them but they’re very supportive of the whole thing. We have facetime, imessage, PLANES and they’re not as far away as it seems.  I feel like I don’t have a lot to lose.  If I leave and I hate it, I can always come back.  When I sit back and think of all of amazing things I have surrounding me, in all actuality it makes me think – Why not leave?   I’m very lucky.  I have this opportunity to go move away and experience something totally new all while having my parents there to catch me if I fall, if I hate it.  I have the chance to go be like an adult and move away, act out and explore new things while being like the 18 year old that I am, able to come back to my family if it doesn’t all work out.  I have this amazing opportunity before me and I want to take it.  Not to say that staying in California for school wouldn’t be an amazing opportunity, too.  It may even be something that I fall back on, but right now, I’m excited to leave for college.  So that, is why I have decided to leave for college. And in all honesty, its scary sometimes, but its a journey I can’t wait to begin.


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