Girl Meets Boy

Madewell Tee // Pacsun pants // Sam Edelman flats 
The title of this post sorta leads on to great things!  But it’s not about a boy, just his pants.  Nope, I haven’t met a boy.  I’m just wearing my brothers pants.  He’s tall and skinny and I’m short and curvy, they work for both of us and I’ve decided they’re mine now.  I mean drop crotch khaki sweatpants?  BRILLANT.  Brilliant that I’ve worn them for the past two days in a row.  With the camo shirt, from the looks of things, I sorta look outdoorsy.  But then the ballet flats and the bow in my hair say differently.  I invite you to go out and buy these pants.  Embrace your tomboy side. Or your girly side. Wear bows in your hair. Smile big.  All of it. 

Don’t let the bow fool you, I have on drop crotch pants.  It’s a perfect distraction from the pants that look like I have a diaper on from the back. :/

This hair is perfect for 2nd / 3rd day hair. It’s messy, textured easy and I looovvveeeee it. 


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