Link Love!

Gold Topshop Givenchy looking heels… I’ll take 5.

Blackberry Cupcakes!!! Because I’m partial to anything with blackberries.

This new 50 shades trailer is EVERYTHING.

I either want to wear this Asos dress on Valentines day or sweatpants.  Nothing. else.

How to pick the right nude lipstick… nude lips and a smokey eye is my new beauty routine.

My dark eye circles are gone because of THIS.  I’m hooked and naturally ready to buy all the others.

This is the best tea, EVER.  They sell it at Starbucks and I’ve probably had it 7 times in the past three days.  I’ve dropped coffee for it too.  I seriously recommend it.

The most amazing book series that I am re-reading for the 2nd time…it’s long but I recommend it… even though I keep stopping. 😦 I’m reading the Divine Comedy too and I really like.  I want to major in English / journalism / the Classics.. Just a smidge about me there. 😉

The next book series I want to read.

Trivia Crack is addicting.

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