Power of the Purse

When I walk into Saks or Barneys, I quite honestly find myself in a sartorial wonderland.  The shoes, oh deer do I appreciate good shoes, and the purses, well I’ll take one of each. But unfortunately, the love I feel for these places is not reciprocated.  If you’ve been to these stores, you’ll know that the sales people aren’t the nicest of the bunch.  I’m sure there are a few nice ones out there, but for every nice one, theres a mean one.  Owning a great hand bag is like being in an all exclusive club at these stores.  Walk into Saks with a Givenchy on your arm and suddenly you get a “hello” and maybe even help looking at a purse because quite frankly, it’s hard to do by yourself?  I’m guessing.  Respect comes with a hefty price tag.  And probably one of the only times.  The sales people aren’t the ones going home everyday to a closet filled with Chanel and Prada, if you’re reading this and you are, good work…but I don’t think it gives you carte blanche to be rude to me because I walk in with a Rebecca Minkoff bag on my shoulder while you swoon over the next girl with a Saint Laurent on the crook of her arm.  This is a VERY TRUE STORY about the power of the purse.

I, carrying a Rebecca Minkoff bag walked into Saks with my best friend, who was carrying her Saint Laurent red Sac de Jour.  She got three hellos, and even got a sales person to follow her around for a bit asking her if she needed help looking at purses.  Again, because looking is hard.  Me and my Rebecca Minkoff, got nothing.  Saint Laurent 3 – Rebecca Minkoff – 0.  What is the answer to this madness?!  Do I need an expensive purse to get a hello?  A $3000 hello from a bitchy person.  I WANT TO BE IN THIS CLUB. But why?! I used to think it was my age..an 18 year old girl walking through the purse department is probably not Saks ideal customer.  Age is blind in the presence of a Givenchy or a Saint Laurent.  I want a nice bag because I want a nice bag and if I’m happy with it, thats all that matters.  It’s sad that its the only way to even get the time of day from someone at these stores is through heavy, expensive arm candy.  Yet, I am willing to jump on this bandwagon… for different reasons.  Being honest, I can’t wait till the day I get to walk in to Saks with a jumbo Givenchy Antigona sitting on the crook of my arm and am greeted with hellos and once again, that help looking for purses.  And I’ll reply “no thank you” because I know how to look for purses and I’ll think back to the time when they couldn’t give me the time of day.  If I’ve learned anything from this, I think everyone should get a “Hi.”  Regardless of your purse.


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