Purse Diaries

Suffice it to say, a picture is worth 1000 words. 😉 

So this Christmas, I saw a Proenza Schouler large, lemon hued PS1 on the website that I was in love with.  I’ve wanted this bag since I was in 7th grade (I’m in 12th now, AKA I’ve always been a fashion brat.) Back to my story; so I decided to bite the bullet, the bag was calling my name, I buy it, get over night shipping because I have no patience and I wait.  The day the Fed Ex guy is at my house, I run outside to sign for the box, get it in the house, cut it open but OH NO, WAIT the bag is the wrong size.  Same color I ordered but in the medium size instead of the large.  Bummer with a capital BUM. So I pack the bag back up after contemplating that no, the medium won’t work for me because I carry the kitchen sink in my bag.  So I email Proenza… a couple days go by, nothing because “its the holidays.”  So I wait a more couple days, send more emails, call, and nothing. All the while, my dream bag (sorta) sitting there, TAUNTING me.  So finally a week later, 5 emails and 5 unanswered calls and 3 automated recordings later still nothing.   I decide to get my mom to call and talk to them, and after making a big stink, they finally respond to my emails to say that they’re sorry about the bag, and that they will refund me because they’re not sure if they have the bag I ordered in stock…. This whole situation was a great big cluster, honestly.  I was sad about the bag being the wrong size, partly because I was so excited for it, partly because the Proenzaschouler.com customer service (DON’T YOU HAVE ONE JOB?!) was non existent and partly because I’ve wanted this bag for so long and it just wasn’t going my way.  I decided to return the bag because the whole situation was just bad mojo. I’m sad to see the bag go because I’ve loved it for so long but I’ve decided that life is too short to climb through hoops to get a bag that you were promised when you bought it!  It sucks because what was mad love is now bad blood.  I don’t see a Proenza bag happening anytime soon.

Prada Double Bag // Givenchy Antigona 

Since that dreadful week, I’ve been searching for new bag options.  And while theres tons of beautiful options, I think I’m pretty specific on what I want.  Something classic, a beautiful color, with an arm nook strap and shoulder strap as it can be SOOOO HEAVY.   Prada double bag is nice.  Givenchy Antigona (my ode to Oedipus) is GREAT especially in the army green.  Cue heart eye emojis.


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