Dear 2015….

I vow not to cut my hair so I can wear in it new ways…

like adding a low pony to my repertoire. 
or long, beachy waves that look like I didn’t try at all.  (in reality I try REALLY hard.)

to mix my high buns with a low one like this.  (uber chic) 

I vow to try to change up my makeup routine; like this white eyeliner and no other makeup.. (appropriately with a high bun)
to try rose gold eyeshadow with a pinky lip with nothing else.  and to use my clarisonic everyday so I have the best skin ever! 
I vow to be more creative with my wardrobe and not buy/wear the same things over and over again. 

to wear something other then overalls. 

to get creative in simple ways 

to layer rompers because I love that. 

to make a better uniform that I can just throw on. (okay, maybe with sneakers ;))
to rock a statement skirt with a plain tee. 
to get a pair of flare jeans! 
I vow to be more active and to try and work my way back to my 6 mile jogs!  And eat less Macdonalds. 🙁 
I vow to be happier and not to stress the small stuff.  
I vow to say hi to everyone! 
I vow to enjoy everything before I leave for college in August! eeek! 
Most importantly, I vow to kick ass in 2015!  Happy New Year! 

images via my lover, pinterest. 😉 

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