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I’ve made a promise to myself to try and blog more.  With that, I think that leaves a lot on the table to blog about.  So then an idea hit me.  I go out to eat alot in LA.  And if I want to blog about what I love… why not add places I like to eat at?  Well, TA-DA!!! Checked that box off today.  Sweet Lady Jane on Montana (in Santa Monica) is one of my favorite places!  It’s good for breakfast; think yogurt + granola, oatmeal, to die for pastries (scones, cookies, cake, pie.  I’m particularly partial to the chocolate croissant) quiche, eggs, pretty lattes.  I like the yogurt as seen above, served with blackberries.  And sandwiches and salads for lunch.   If you’re in the area I certainly recommend it.  Even if it’s just for an ice tea… and a slice of pie! 😉 

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