Winter Friendly

I’m so happy I’ve been able to blog more lately!  All these good ideas I have finally get to be shared with you! mwahahahahha..   So it’s getting colder (in LA) and all the summery pieces in your wardrobe tend to fall out of rotation, right?  but HAVE NO FEAR!!! Layering is one of my favorite things ever.  I love the look and its like adding new clothes to your closet.  A silk cami over a long sleeve,  a turtle neck or a sweater is super easy and a great look.   Just pair it with jeans and you have a warm ensemble with a summer pairing.  Not to mention, good texture pairings. 
Now to the shoes; shoes and sandals aren’t everyones’ cup of tea. I think socks look best with strappy sandals like the ones above.   So there you have it.  What would have been a summer outfit: cami, jeans and sandals is now winterized with just a long sleeve and thick socks.  I like the winter version much better.  


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