THIS OUTFIT MAKES ME HAPPPPPPY!  Romper, boots, low bun.  This outfit is all my faves in one!  It’s like children, if you asked me to pick my favorite out of the three I couldn’t.  But since these boots are new, I’m gonna go on about them.  They’re fabulous.  I don’t have to shave my legs, they’re comfy, and they’re one of those pieces that make every outfit better.

On to the hair… I’ve always loved buns.  I’ve been wanting to try a low bun with a middle part — there sort of chicer cousin to my normal (high + messy) buns… But then I got bangs so the lower bun was out of the question..  (I’m not good with hair hanging in my face, hence the mad love for buns.)  Since my bangs are gone for the most part, I’m enjoying all the hair freedom I get back!  I love the low buns, especially with a bold lip.  YUP, I’M WEARING RED LIPSTICK.   Bold Lipstick = no other visible makeup which makes me like it even more!  I’m all for easy, minimal and natural makeup. Or as natural as red lips can be.

Stuart Weitzman FIFO : On a sidenote I have more swooning to do over these boots!!  These are the FIFO boot and are a little different then the 5050 boot.  They have a higher heel and a pointer toe, both of which made me fall in love with them even more!  The 5050 boots run big.  When I tried them on, I was a size 7.  In these boots, I’m a 7.5 as the pointier toe makes them narrower.  I ordered these boots on  Stuart Weitzman only has these boots in black patent and suede on their website.  I’m guessing the black leather was exclusive to Shopbop since thats the only place you can find them in black leather.  Anyways, I love these boots 1000 times over and I totally recommend them!

PJK Romper



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