Christmas list

One (or many) way(s) to my heart is through fast food, cookies, bread & tall white boys…(yikes) since all of that makes me fat or is either really hard to find, lemme show you the other route…SHOES, PURSES AND CLOTHES!!!!!

I’ve already cataloged a list of stuff I just have to have. (!!!!) (Duh, it’s Christmas) Did I mention that its finals time, too?  And that my brain automatically wants to everything and nothing to do with finals. But somehow, shoes and denim jumpsuits just win my heart; every, dang, time. Thats how this list came about. I’ve decided I’m not going to fight this, either.

If I had to pick one thing on this list..?  Well, the Chanel boy bag (the only boy I need in my life) in ROSE GOLD holds a special place in my heart.  I already own the black boots (cue heart eyes.)   And the sneakers, those are gonna happen one way or another because I’m too good at buying shoes. Well, theres my greedy, swoons. Time to go give this much attention to stuDYING.  If anyone knows pre-cal as well as I know shoes… help a girl out.

Peace out.


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