My Bag o Tricks

My purse is a free for all.  You can stick your hand in and have no idea what the heck your gonna pull out… Lots of girls have bags like this.  They weigh 749837549 lbs and carry everything ranging from enough lipsticks to make a counter at Sephora to food because we get hangry and anything else that is privileged enough to get thrown into the mix. 
My bag is sort of a cluster… but I have essentials that I always try to make sure I have.  I like to switch my bags up frequently..right now the winner is my Zac Posen bag… its a big ol heavy, structured, satchel (see awesome guide to handbags) with a cross body strap.  Every bag I own has a cross body strap.  I LOVE cross body straps.  They give a more effortless look and balance out the weight of my bag.   Not to mention they just make everything easier.  Two hands?! Always! Is now a good time to say I’m a fan of backpacks and fanny packs? 
So lets get down to the nitty gritty… in my bag I ALWAYS have aquaphor.  I have the world’s most sensitive skin, honestly.  Its a life saver salve that works for just about everything.  I normally use it on my lips (works great if you scrub with a toothbrush and then apply on thick layer.  yields just made out with someone lips) on my cheeks as highlighter and on dry patches of skin.  (uggh so cute.)  Then following the other lip products, I usually have a burts bees.  I bought like 5 different ones but I lost them so now I just use whatever I can find that day… the wild cherry is my fave but long live the days when I used to sorta know where it was.  Then, I have a Josie Maran cheek gelee which is good for subtle lip tint.  Then a fresh chapstick in a red color.. A few nude lip glosses.. a YSL lipstick and a chubby stick.  
After lips, I carry a They’re Real mascara which I love.  I’ve used it since 8th grade.  And my new fave Touche Eclat in 2.5… I love this stuff.. I never sleep anymore and this stuff brings back my relaxed summer face. 
I carry lotion since I always forget to put it on.  I like putting in on my hands too because they get dry.  The Neutrogena hand lotion is super great! I carry Kiehls creme de corps and some Vegas hotel lotion.  
I normally get gels on my fingers but I like to do regular nail polish for my toes.  I play volleyball so I really appreciate manis and pedis. I don’t really stray from my normal colors…I have You don’t know Jacques and My Private Jet.  Both OPI. 
Next up, tums and ginger candies because I get car sick and have acid reflux. I’m a winner! 
H2O.  I’m a water snob and always carry some with me.  I love Hawaiian water. 
Perfume… I have flower bomb in the pink cylinder and Si by Georgio Armani in another.  Both are my faves!! 
Glasses.  When a contact falls out.  Then extra contacts when a contact falls out.  And sunglasses when I feel like it.  
I carry my wallet and a smaller pouch that I put coins in.  Then, theres the loose dollars floating around. 
HAIRBANDS.  For the girl that loves wearing her hair up. 
House keys.. headphones that are hiding in this pic. 
Ginger mints. Nail file. 
Girly pouches. lololololol
My ipad mini.  A book.  Normally I read books on my ipad.  Right now I’m reading Caroline de Maigret’s How to be Parisian.  Along with some other books.  I got a hardcover book because its bad to read on an Ipad when you have a concussion..and I can’t resist.  Oh and my phone. Durrrr. 
Reese’s peanut buttercup trash.  If you can’t eat Reese’s pumpkins in November then when can you?! 
Here we have porn in the form of cross body bags.  Come to Mama, I have love for all of ya! 


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