I take little trips to Vegas with my friend all through out the summer.  I’m so fascinated with the night life there and how people dress up for it.  I could sit in the casino and watch everyone go by…. the way people chose to present themselves for a night out on the town fascinates me.  Lots of girls go the bandage dress route…paired with sparkles shoes…loose curls…  Its the quintessential Vegas get up and go.  It looks great on some girls (although, some like stuffed sausages :/) but I remember reading a great article about Rita Ora and how she goes about her own personal style.  She was talking about how theres lots of hot girls out there so she always makes sure she does something different.  Whether her hair, or a lipstick or an outfit.  I totally agree with this and I love it.  Lots of girls go out at night in Vegas in sparkly pumps and a bandage dress.  Short, lots of boob, lots of skin… and sore feet as they walk through the lobby before they even get to the The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas or wherever they decide to go that night.  I appreciate something different! Soo, after all the time I’ve spent sitting in the casino at 11 pm eating McDonalds.. I’ve come up with the perfect outfit to wear for a night on the town!  You don’t have to be typical to look hot!  So I present to you: The not so basic guide to looking hot in Vegas. 

Ok, so the for the first outfit, we’re gonna cover the legs.  I know, not what normally comes to mind when you think Vegas but trust me.  Over the knee boots are such a hit right now.  With this loose fitting dress, the boots make the outfit sexy, but not overly showy.   They’re unique, they’re different and I betcha you won’t find a lot of girls going out in 4 inch, over the knee, black suede boots.  This outfit lets the boots do the talking!  I love this outfit with messy bed head waves and dewy, glowing makeup.  A cross body clutch is perfect to hold money, gloss, phone and ID while still having two hands free.  Ya just never know! 😉 

Ok, so this outfit is a little more Vegas-y. Vegas-y? Stay with it.  The dress is tighter with ruching, which I believe is the most flattering thing in the entire world.  If your in Vegas, you’re not there to eat salads and go to yoga every morning. HELLO!  Anyways, the dress is super flattering but not overly revealing.  It’s short but it has a high neck and covers everything.  A LBD is perfect for everything.  Pack em! Even if you don’t wear it out, throw it on with sneaks and a cute hat to have a hot, off-duty shopping outfit.  Vegas has THE BEST shopping.  
Now with an LBD, you have more freedom with the shoe.  Sore feet is the worst.  Choosing shoes with at least a 1 in platform makes life so much happier.  Platform shoes are wayyyy more comfy and allow an easier walk.  These red Saint Laurents are beauties. I’m all for single sole heels but leave those at home when you’re gonna be dancing and walking a lot.  The balls of your feet will burn from the blisters.  TRUST.   I picked this outfit with a smokey eye and nude lip.  With messy hair at the roots.  Sleeker at the bottoms. And again, with a clever cross body. 



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