La La La


Because I have a concussion…. I get 20 minutes of computer time, 20 minutes off…..and I’m bored!

J.Crew rocks the best hair/make-up combos.  The dewy, fresh faces and the bed head + whispy top knots.  Sign me up.

These boots are Topshop but they soooo look Saint Laurent.  Count me in.

This makes me want to start reading After again! Used to be obsessed with it on Wattpad….good ol’ One Direction Fanfiction! eeeeekkk.

For the days when you don’t know if spot treatment or moisturizer goes on first..

Cause everyone sorta wants to be Parisian deep down, inside? Oui. (au revoir with the french tips and blow dryers!)

What the heck, its October.  Embracing pumpkin everything.

This cream blusher, bronzer, high lighter all mixed into one is helping me embrace my newly defined au natural makeup routine.  neeeeeed it.

How to get perfect hair most of the time?

Parisian vibes at Madewell… lovin’ this sweater. 

Love the metallic temporary tatts floating around right now!

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