Asos pinafore dress // adidas sneaks 
This picture is clueless for 2 entirely different reasons…. 1) The outfit makes me feel like I’m channelling my inner Cher Horowitz… we all have a little deep down inside? 2) Because I dyed my hair from a box (squint, sorta, maybe? and you can see the striped roots.) and my roots got lighter (virgin hair) and the ends stayed the same (black tint.)  Well, you can’t dye over black tint.  Nope.  You have to strip the color with bleach or Color oops which is God, Mary and baby Jesus all in one.  My hair is mucho better now.  I had to redye it again and recolor the roots.  My poor hair is gonna hop off my head if I try to do anything else soon so, I’ve decided to retire my hair color from a box. I’m clueless about hair dye and I screw it up.  But, I’m happy to report 5 boxes of color later, 2 boxes of color oops, $60 of birthday money and a meltdown later…..MY HAIR IS BACK TO NORMAL. 🙂 


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