Another stinkin’ Monday

Hi all.  Here we are again…its Monday, another stinkin’ Monday, another mad face, another jam packed week….Oh, I now have no data this week (NO INSTAGRAM, DAMNIT) because my stinkin’ brother used it all.  All my egg babies are gonna die!  Then, theres the homecoming date I have to find, which is equally as hard as finding a Mansur Gavriel Bucket bag… then the essay I need to write on superheros..What grade am I in again? Of course, the large pile of shoes on the floor staring at me as I write this…and everything else that I forgot about and/or am leaving for the last minute.  Let’s see what else, ooohh, my birthday is Friday. Your girl is gonna be LEEEEGGGGGAAALLLLLL!  Well, thats it for ya, I should build a boat while I’m at it. If you need me, I’ll be the girl in the corner not on instagram with dead egg babies, making a list the size of Texas with all the things she needs for her birthday….so yeah, Happy Monday?


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