Smoothie Time

It’s mid way through September and the weather is ridiculous.  It’s so hot!! I went to a concert at the rosebowl the other night and it was unreal..the music was awesome, the weather not so much.  I was full on sweating even with my hair up and Harry Styles was 20 ft. away from me.  SO NOT OKAY.   Just absolutely disastrous.   Well, even not at the concert, the heat is still insane.  So I am bringing this berry banana smoothie to you! 
1 frozen banana.  (if I’m not using an overly ripe banana for a recipe, I’ll freeze them for smoothies to give them some chill and save the bananas.)
1 cup of frozen berries
1 cup coconut water. I love the orange flavor.  
1 scoop of vanilla protein 
Blend it all up and there ya have it sister.  Could drink, hot day, whose the real MVP, now? SAY ME?! 

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