Brownie Bites

I’ve been MIA for a week because school. Yuccccck.  I woke up to the FIRST day of my senior year with a honkin’ huge zit on the tip of my nose.  I mean HUGE. How that happened I don’t even know. It was a sign from God to go hide in a sleeping bag for the rest of the week because today, Friday, my nose is normal, sans zit.  I’m not complaining, okay I am but the timing sucked. This was a moment where TIMING IS EVERYTHING. And it was off, OFF.  You can only go walking around with your hand on your nose like your about to sneeze for so long.

I got a mini cupcake pan recently and my patience was no where to be found so off I went to make choco chipo brownie bites.  The cupcake pan makes every brownie chewy which is a win, win, win.

I used this recipe but I make my own rules.  Big bowls, little bowls, don’t matter your mess not mine. Chocolate chips, shaved chocolate — again your mess not mine.  My mess or lack there of, was semi sweet chocolate chips.


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