Mac n Cheese egg rolls

I love asian food..and cheeseburgers, pizza, gucamole….I’ve got myself quite a worldy palate!  My best friend came over a couple weekends ago so we could make mac n cheese.

I was scrolling through pinterest and found mac and cheese egg rolls… whoever comes up with this… U ROCK, I have the sudden urge to roll up everything in an egg roll and throw it into a bucket of oil. (I’m thinking avocado, ice cream, avocado mac n cheese – which really does exist.)

Its my perfect asian cuisine meet carbs with cheese and bacon.  Before I went all county fair on everyone, I decided to start with mac n cheese eggrolls and build my repertoire from there.

The results were gnarly.  So worth the hassle with the oil and prep.  Because using oil to fry stuff is so annoying…

I like turning on the oven and just sticking doughballs in there while I play candy crush.  But again — expanding my repertoire.  I’ll admit that they were HEAVY. I had half of one and needed to slow down.  I made it out strong though..

I made hidden valley ranch from the packet which is THEE BEST ranch out there. (even though ranch smells gross.  I have a rule of not eating something if I don’t care for the smell but ranch knocks that rule down.)  Trust, I’m a ranch connoisseur. I mixed it with bbq and that was just a gnarly.


So first off, you gotttttta start with the mac n cheese for the insides of the eggrolls. Mac n Cheese is tricky — everyone has their self proclaimed recipe thats the second coming of a cupcake but it doesn’t work like that…you gotta find what you like..
I like cheesy, bacon, bread crumbs & black pepper.  I still haven’t find my favorite but this one works for the eggggrolls.   I added bacon to it but anything is fair game.
I tried boiling pasta in milk… which to that I say don’t because the milk burns.  Then I added two cups of cheese when the pasta was al dente and stirred it all up.
It was fine when it was hot but when it dried, it was a MAC N CHEESE ICE BERG.
That recipe is offfff the list.  It was easy to clean the pan after, it was out in one foul chunk and it closely resembled a a patio stone.
Once you have the mac, you roll it up into egg rolls. This is a good guide.  I used water on the edges to keep it from falling apart.
The vegetable oil is supposed to be heated to 300 but I think mine was hotter because I dropped the egg rolls in and they were done in a hot second. This recipe for the egg rolls I found said 5 minutes at 300 but whooops. Whatever! they turned out fineee.  It called for chilled mac but mine was still warm.  I’m a stellar direction follower.
After you fry them, place them on a drying rack with a papertowel under.  I left them sit for a bit because they were on fuego hot.  Cutting them in half lets them cool too.  And it makes them easier to eat!!

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