Buttermilk Biscuits + Honey Vanilla Butter

Happy Monday in the form of carbs and butter!!!! I’m always in for both so buttermilk biscuits + vanilla honey butter were calling my name well before I pressed their “pin it” button.  I can never say no to a biscuit, a cookie, shoes, a latte…. I’m quite discerning. 

For butter:
1 stick softened
3 tablespoons honey — I used raw honey and it added texture to the butter. 
2 teaspoons vanilla.  
Mix the trio until the butter is smooth and flufffffffffy!  At least 8 minutes….and it cramps up your hand. 

I used this recipe 

The key to fluffy biscuits is cold ingredients.  Chilled butter, buttermilk… and working fast.  I work at turtle speed in the kitchen… but what the biscuits lacked in height, they made up for in taste! Perhaps, a shorter biscuit is less calories..I’m all for it. 


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