2 years and counting….

Gap tee / zara shorts / steve madden flats 

I’ve been blogging for two years now and and it’s interesting to look back on everything I’ve learned and how my style has evolved!  I’ve gone from knowing none to slim about HTML, but hey, IT’S HARD!  I used to want to blog about clothes/fashion/ shoes and nothing in between but now I blog about books, cooking, beauty, shoes (lots of shoes) clothes, shopping! Everything that I love. Blogging becomes a lot of work very fast and it’s hard when I have school, volleyball, homework and this year, college apps.  Blogging is about being yourself and showing that through your loves and finding a way to be different because theres tons of blogs out there.  It’s much more rewarding when you blog about what you love.

I found a picture of one of the first outfits I started my blog with; long hair (which I miss dearly), lace shorts (thank God, I never wear those because I get mad wedgies from them) and ballet flats which I never wear anymore.  Lace shorts and ballet flats translate to overalls and sneakers now.  My style is edgier, sportier and more carefree, now.  I wear less color, and I rarely wear prints!  As much as I like to consider my self a minimalist — quite frankly, I’m not. I like neon nikes and sequins wayyyy to much. {Erica Pelosini’s archives on the Coveteur makes my heart palpitate.  She has mad style and a very enviable shoe closet}  My mad face is ever still present — somethings don’t change.


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