American Apparel tee // Zara jeans // Nike sneaks 
I kept drawing a blank when coming up for a name for this post. Here’s a picture of my new shoes in action.  
My hair is BLACK.  I’m still paying for that blonde stint I had last fall… since my hair was bleached, I need it color it every few months as the color runs out and I’m left with orange ends.  I like orange everywhere except my hair. (fave color and all)  
Anywayyssss! I bought natural darkest brown — thinking my hair would return to its natural and indeed very dark brown.  Well, dumb me got the dye ALL over the bathroom, then went to wash her hair out and saw that yes, it was black.  I’m all for changing up my hair because, frankly, its hair and it grows back.  I’m quite fond of the black now! I’m tan and I like the way it looks! 

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