If you read my blog from time to time, you’ll know that I. LOVE. SHOES.  Shoes are my thing to buy. I like purses too but I’m really good at finding the ones that are $2900 and just being completely smitten with them.  Since a $3000 purse isn’t something one typically buys monthly, (and if you do, GREAT WORK my friend, keep doing what you’re doing) or when you’re 17, (if you do, go read the first parentheses,) shoes are great to fill in the cracks.  I guess thats my logic there.

Anywho, I love a wedge sneaker and never want the trend to die, and if that day comes, make it a slooooooowww death.  I wear my black Nike ones on numerous occasions and adding more to the mix only seems logical!  My best friend thinks they’re the fugliest shoes ever, so they’re repelling — are they a face only a mother can love unconditionally?   And I’ve been obsessed with them for a couple of months… we were meant TO BE!


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