A zit…

Alright, lets just lay it all out there; everyone has had a zit before, on their nose, on their chin, their forehead… everyone.  Zits suck.  They’re painful, annoying, they lower confidence…start wars! Okay, maybe not the latter but I’m all for some hyperbole and really, with zits, they cause a lot of crap.  With zits, I’ve discovered the 3 emotional phases that come along with them and all their baggage…

The “oh shit, no, no, please not there, go away” phase!!! This phase goes hand in hand with piling on copious amounts of toothpaste, zit cream, benzoyl peroxide to the affected area.  If a Hail Mary and drying cream works for you, you’re winning at life.  If it doesn’t like most people (me) keep reading.

Then, its the “there” phase.  It won, its there..with a friend, Pus in boots (how kind) and its painfully noticeable… probably both. It’s sink or swim now – pop it or leave it.  Some people say pop it, some people say leave it because it can cause scarring.  Me, personally, with my dermatology degree from reading product boxes, magazines and the interwebs… says pop it! I hate looking at it when theres pus and it feels hard. (TMI?)  I learned from the dermatologist that the best way to pop it to avoid scarring is to use two q-tips.  NEVER FINGERNAILS.  Even though I’m guilty of that sometimes too, whoops. Sometimes it hurts when you pop it.  Especially if it’s near your eye or lip area.  Hell, it can hurt wherever.  I think its worth it to pop it because after, it can dry out faster and then it’s gone! Just make sure to remove all of it when you pop it, including the hard thingy.  (isn’t that what it’s called?) Because if not, it will keep coming back.

After the “there” phase is blissful phase while you wait for the redness to go down and apply zit cream or drying cream.  This Mario Badescu one works magic. If I have a zit, I’ll pop it at night because it gives time for the redness to go down and to apply drying cream to leave on while you sleep.   Then, it has time to heal without being poked and prodded because you’re going to sleep and that makes everything better.

Zits are curve balls. Even when you expect them, they still suck. When you wake up with one and you think you’re screwed…don’t be so hard on yourself.  I’ve adopted that policy.  So what, I’m a 17 year old girl and I have a zit.  It happens.  It’s happened to everyone and it will happen again! I consider myself to have pretty good skin.  I only really get zits on my forehead, between my eyebrows, typically 1-2 at a time.  Thats it.  I get eczema and dry skin but thats all about managing it.  You can read about that here.  A clarisonic is great for your skin.  I use it twice and day and I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in my skin.  A routine is great, so is keeping it simple.  I stick to washing my face and moisturizing.  The only extra add on is eye cream… because I’m wrinkle phobic.

Waking up to a third eye brewing on your forehead, or a second head brewing on your chin with a date or something big in a few hours might as well be full blown armageddon. Don’t stress!! Okay, you will but its all gonna be okay.  I’d say pop it and then don’t touch it for the rest of the day.  But hey, what do I know?

When I have a zit, around my forehead or nose I’ll

1) wear my glasses!  They offer a distraction from the madness!! If I can fool myself into thinking it’s not there, then I’ve fixed half the problem!

2) put on makeup! Hell, that’s what it’s there for!! Put concealer on.  If it’s on your chin, do a cat eye! Play up something to distract.  If it’s on your forehead, do a bright lip, again with the distraction.  Just don’t do a bright pink lip when your zit is an inch away.  Thats like a bright, blinking sign pointing straight to the problem.

3) do my hair!! I wear my hair up about 92% of the time.  If I have a zit, I’ll wear it down in beachy waves, again to distract from the problem.  Sometimes when you don’t have an immediate fix for a problem, its totally okay to distract from it.

4) wear jewelry!  A messy ponytail with new statement earrings is a hip way to distract from the madness like the glasses.

5) move on with my life.  Everyone gets zits.  People don’t scrutinize your face like you do.  They’re often too focused on whats going on in their life! And if your going on a date or to prom and you have a zit, guess what?! It’s probably going to be dark and no one is going to see.  I remind myself of that all the time.  Ambiance is great.  You can’t see any of the little bad bits!! Or make your date take off their contacts/glasses.  Zits don’t even exist when I don’t have my contacts on.

So there you have it, got a zit brewing your way; DISTRACT from it, work what else you got to flaunt, pop it or don’t and don’t stress because its going to go away and everything is going to carry on just like it did before.


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