The Art of a #Selfie

The Selfie has become a household name in America.  Categorized by a picture taken by onself while holding the phone in front of you; sometimes they’re silly, sometimes they’re sultry, and sometimes they’re down right scary.  Under the #selfie, you can scroll through instagram’s meager 200million selfies up for display…and that’s only seflies labeled with a #selfie.  Just think of all the other unlabeled selfies floating around! Like Beyonce, Queen B doesn’t #selfie her selfies… neither does Kim Kardashian, whose selfies trail along the lines of sultry and scary. A selfie with ass.. an #assselfie!  LET’S MAKE THAT A NEW TREND!

self∙ie noun \’sel-fē\

an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social network. 

Then, there’s Snapchat; an app built for ugly selfies that destruct within 10 seconds (or less) of being opened. Reserved for ugly faces, late night fun, or dirty deeds Snapchat offers a platform to share your silly side without the commitment of Instagram.  Albeit the asshole friend that screen shoots your Snapchat; thus breaking the cardinal rule of Snapchat and furthermore, off the list of future snaps.

The Art of a Selfie is a shrewd game.  You need to know the right angles, source of light, faces, sides (aka, the one without the zit).. and so on and so fourth.  Selfie trends, like trends in fashion, are ephemeral. The duck face selfie, like the Rachel cut of the 90s…everyone did it and looking back on it shutter.  The sans makeup avec zit cream selfie is new to the scene; take cue from Lorde, who really did Wake Up Like This!

Curiously, what happened to putting your best foot forward? Because the duck face and zit creme selfie don’t take the cake for flattery.  But maybe, showing a side of silliness and reality is fresh; we aren’t perfect so we’ll leave that to Beyonce. Perhaps trends do consume the way we represent ourselves. But for every scary selfie, there’s a good one, and for every one with too much boob, there’s a classy one.  A #célfie. What’s a célfie?  A classy selfie without copious amounts of hooch or make-up.   Like this one!!!


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