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^^^^ Summer is near, summer is here! Woop, woop, woop.  All I want is strappy sandals, distressed denim, and lacey bras.  A bustier style top delivered with distressed 501s and strappy sandals is particularly making my heart go fuzzy at the moment.  I want Tevas toooooo.  My mother laughs at me because she thinks they’re downright fugly but their flaming arch support and durability have me at yes.  We’ll see how that plays out. I hope I love them because I don’t want her to say “I told you sooo!”  Dang mommys and their precise accuracy on just about everything.  If it weren’t for her, I’d own more maxy skirts and terry tracksuits, certainly don’t want that now do we?!^^^^


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  1. Clarissa
    June 19, 2014 / 11:02 am

    Love your wishlist! Strappy sandals and distressed denim make me happy. But summer is not here in Australia 🙁 But I can keep looking at wishlists anyway x

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