Sporty Spice

I’ve played competitive volleyball for over 6 years.  Without a doubt, it certainly influences my personal style on so many levels.  My love for sportswear, sneaks, sweats, buns – all come from my sports background. Don’t pull me the wrong way, I love nail polish and and girly books as much as the next girl, but I don’t consider myself to be a girly girl.  My love for overalls, a good pair of sneakers and lots of other shoes rises to the top on numerous occasions… A sexy, sporty, tomboy makes up the creme (being the look I want to achieve) that I would like to rise to the top even if the sexy part dies more then it prevails.

Sports are more for some people and less for others.  Whether you play or you don’t, whether you watch or you don’t, hell, even if your boyfriend (or brother) plays… Sports influences the masses. (Hello, working out!) Especially fashion, sportswear from the likes of Prada, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant.  And actually, it’s my favorite trend to date! (wedge sneaker included)

My penchant for $100+ stretchy pants started at the age of 13. Giving my mom a run for her money… or shall I say asking her to spend money so I can buy a wardrobe fit for running… and it be very clear, I’m so not a runner. No matter how hard I try.  It went so far as to pairing Tory Burch flats with Lululemon cropped leggings… not one of my prouder moments.. especially while stomping around NYC with a wad of gum the size of a small lemon stuck to my side of my shoe… To this day, I still own the leggings and the flats, but, their two paths shall never cross.  Don’t need to conjure up something crazy again..


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