A Cluster

Free people blouse / topshop overalls / Zara shoes 
Okay, okay, so its not throwback Thursday or flashback Friday but for me, its back to school after spring break. I should be catching up on all the work I’ve procrastinated on. .Instead, I’m reading books when I shouldn’t, stalking through my iphone pictures, making cookies, shopping for shoes… Quite frankly, doing anything and everything besides what I should be doing.  Now, at 11:23, I’m finishing my french flash cards and hoping that my body can handle waking up at 7 am.  
Everything is a cluster right now and a day between Sunday and Monday would be serendipitous. I need more time to binge watch Total Divas and read the stack of books on my desk. But, we live in a world without a day between Sunday and Monday so I declare today, mad face monday because a little foreshadowing and alliteration (sorta?) ain’t a bad thing. 
This picture is from summer; it serves as a reminder to pull out those green, Zara, chunky heels that loathe my feet, and to wear brooches on overall pockets. 


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