80/20 Rule

Vintage Overall Dress / Duck Dynasty Tee / Adidas shoes

Because I wear 20% of the clothes in my closet 80% of the time…This outfit being no exception because I wear what I like and I keeping it coming…And, you probably do too! Everyone has clothes that construct their normal day to day wardrobe that they wear over and over again. Then, theres a whole bunch of other stuff thats there for things like a special occasion, a night out, or just cause.

My 20% consists of overalls, tee shirts and sneakers.  The other 80% is made up of weird boxy shirts, skirts, dresses and Topshop chunky boots.  (Because, I needed them in white and black.) All things that are a necessity when the time is right!  But not that helpful for my day to day use.  Thus, being the 80% of my clothes being worn 20% of the time.   Those black boots and their cost per wear leaves me at $80 per wear because I’ve worn them…once.  BOO!

Do you evaluate something before your purchase it? I buy what I like and leave it at that.. which is probably why I own 7 pairs of black ankle boots and am never seen wearing black ankle boots! I’ve heard of people asking themselves “Do I own anything like this?” or “Can I wear this with the things I already own?” Hell, Alexa Chung does it.  If you don’t want to binge buy chartreuse, bedazzled tub tops or purple, potato sack sweaters, or grungy boots then you gotta ask the hard questions.


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