Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars.  I was hesitant to read the book for a while because I knew it was sad.  I’m drawn to ‘fallen in love with a billionaire, engaged in 3 weeks’ kinda books (or Pride and Prejudice) so this one was definitely on the opposite side of the spectrum.  I finished the book in 2 days and ended up loving it. What makes the book so good is that its different.  It has a certain sense of individuality to it which makes it fresh. It’s not a token romance book but it’s very real.  John Green tells it like it is; which I am always an advocate for.  Whilst reading, I found myself rooting for Hazel and Augustus. I was uneasy when things went south and giddy when things went right.  To break it down, I got very emotionally attached.. which I do quite often. It was easy to forget that Hazel and Augustus were only 16 and 17.   The book spreads warm messages about people coming into our lives for a reason.  And that not even love–can be stopped by the faults in our stars.

I really enjoyed this book and I like the way it made me feel while I read it.  I felt warm and fuzzy shared with sadness.  Quite a mixture of emotions.  This book is very special.  It’s not some sappy, teenage, love story thats only relatable if you listen to One Direction or are barely eligible to drive. Hazel and Gus’s story can be enjoyed by many. It’s not a story about cancer but about their unconventional love.

Go get it, here! 

Well, theres me digging deep on a Thursday morning for ya.  I’m sad the book is over and lacking a sequel, but then again, sometimes it’s good to leave it where it’s good.  The movie is coming out in June and I have watched the trailer quite a lot, I still get goose bumps.

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